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OWLS Software Features

We have over 10 000 features that are designed to increase productivity, reduce admin, automate workflows and make your insurance business scale.

Finally, a Cloud Based IT system stacked with time saving integrations and revenue generating features.

Workflow management

Premium collections

Real-time reporting

Communicate with clients and brokers though SMS and email

Premium and rate calculations with its flexible rates engine

Has a single page operation that reduce complexity for new users

Automation features for your Insurance Organisation

Live Dashboard

Online Custom Reporting

Assisted Scheduling

Client Logins

Link to CRM Systems

SMS and Email Automation


We offer a wide range of features that will get your insurance organisation working in the 21st century. Our features and functions combine Automation and AI to make your day-to-day easier

Fully Customisable Functions

Change anything on your dashboard from: Business Processes, Workflow, Functionality, Required Fields, Standardised letters and more.

Full Audit Functionality

Be able to change everything from the developers side to the users changes.

Built in firewalls

Protect your system and data with OWLS very own firewall.

Search and Filter Information

Functionality to quickly and effectively search and filter through all information saved to your cloud to make decisions when you need to.

Automatic Roll Backs

Developer changes can automatically be rolled back if any errors occur.

Simple and intuitive web-based interface

Be able to seamlessly create process tasks and tickets from a single page. Hover fields are enabled to assist with training on the the dashboard. Use the benefits of drop downs and auto fills to make profiles easier.

Full Security Systems

100% SSL & SQL security solutions. Furthermore all communication between the client and our server is encrypted. Since inception we have additional augmented security rules. And more.

OWLS User Management

We put the power in the users hands to create, edit and assign tickets for any user individually or in batches. Define authority levels depending on claim amount or policy premiums. And more.


Focus on scaling your business with state of the art quoting to upsell new or existing clients all from the OWLS system.

Full Quote Management

Be able to manage all information on the system, whether it is required, expiring or needs to be deleted.

Info Autofill

OWLS AI capabilities will be able to auto complete fields that have missing information with simple actions. Pre-populate policy holders information if they already exist on the system.

Output Quote Quickly

Allow for limited information in order to track and process quotes fast and simply to the policyholder.

Outbound Communication Management

Easily and quickly output quotes and workflow through the automated outbound communication management systems.

Automated Tracking

Work faster and more efficiently with OWLS automated tracking and task scheduler to get more work done in your day.

Diary Management

Set reminders and get prompts with follow up tasks with manual or automated options for any user on the system.


The heartbeat of every Insurance Organisation, we understand the need for systems that make onboarding as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Policy Onboarding Method

We said it is as easy as 1,2,3.

  • Manually on the intuitive web-based front end
  • Direct to the public link embedded on the website
  • Sales file from any which are automatically imported.

Multi Thread Bulk Load

OWLS Software allows for 8 times faster importing of policies using our very own file converter. Whatever the format we can convert it to match the OWLS input format. Now that's convenient.

Automatic Notifications

Send automated outbound emails or scheduled SMS's to policy holders, brokers, employer groups to change a policy when they need to.

Policy Renewal

Choose to have renewals set at Daily, Monthly or Annual intervals for each product type your insurance organisation offers. We track this using policy expiration data and premium increase information.

Mobile Application

White label options available for both iStore and Play Store. Let users interact with their policy from their convenience of their own phone where they can register, receive notifications and any policy details they require.

Document Management Tracking

It says exactly what it is - track and manage all policy documents from one place with our software.


Making it seamless and hassle free for both the insurer and insured to make their claim through cloud technology.

Full and Comprehensive Administration

Know when a claim is submitted, when it has been managed, resolved and processed all in one place.

Claim Process Customisation

There are multiple benefits already catered for.

Reduce Fraudulent Claims

OWLS AI will automatically flag fraudulent claims based on custom rules predetermined by you. Thus reducing an investigator's time to search and discover fraudulent claims from policyholders.

Integrated Appointment System

Our system will help connect service providers and investigators with any claim by capturing invoices and making automatic payments to service providers when needed.


With OWLS all your reinsurance needs are taken care of with our reinsurance specific features.

Reinsurance Agreement Overview

You and your client will be able to review all the reinsurance agreements (XOL and Proportional) to their policy in one convenient place

Treaty Setup

Determine who the reinsurers are and who the party to the agreement are. With this you can see which premiums are owed by who, whether this is commission and so much more.

Multiple Reinsurers

Add multiple reinsurers to any policy giving you flexibility no matter the agreement in place.

Automatic Roll Back

The developers changes can be automatically rolled back on error.


We boast a variety of automated finance features to make payments in and payments out as easy as can be.

Allocate Payments

Automatically import bank statements from any bank. This can be viewed in tandem with individual or group policies where it can be used to allocate receipts to claim recoveries.

Post Individual Journal Entries

Manually write off premiums on particular policies - this is to help make specific changes that must be different to the automated entries.

Review Document Number

When a payment or collection is made the software with create its own unique document to help with tracking and checking the consolidated amount linked to the respective bank details.

Transfer Income Between Policies

Using this feature, one can transfer income received from one policy to another (if the policy is in credit).

Premium Type Setup

Enjoy the freedom to look at various premium types on the OWLS system either Monthly, Annually, Bi-Annually or Declaration; you have the power to decide.

Originator Template Setup

Companies with multiple bank accounts can be configured using this feature as certain types do work differently. This way you can manually determine what must happen when.

Other System Integrations

As a leading cloud-based technology solution we have designed a solution that integrates with various other systems and 3rd party data sources

SQL Script


Bank Host-to-Host


EFT Payment Gateways

External Accounting Systems

Case Studies

Take a deeper dive into some of our notable case studies.

“A tedious manual process is now automated to calculate payout, validate premiums received and limits automatically with 100% accuracy.”

“Where we use to export data in pieces, one click reporting enables multiple data points in using real time data to generate reports in the format we desire.”

“Where we use to export data in pieces, one click reporting enables multiple data points in using real time data to generate reports in the format we desire.”

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