• Workflow management
  • Premium and rate calculations with its flexible rates engine
  • Has a single page operation that reduce complexity for new users
  • Premium collections
  • Automatic cancellations, lapsing and suspension of policies with associated automated workflow
  • Commission, fee and claim payments with the creation of broker remittances on a breakdown per policy and benefit
  • Bank reconciliations integrated with Bankserv allowing for bank transaction information to be displayed and reconciled directly with the policy
  • Communicate with clients and brokers though SMS and email
  • Documentation storage embedded linked to a policy or a group
  • Ensuring compliance with live validations and complex rule engine that is able to calculate parameters in real time, e.g. Auto loading based on that policy holder’s or brokers risk profile / claims ratio
  • Real-time reporting
  • External systems communication through integration
  • Automatically and effectively manage different excess claim amounts at item level for different insured items and it’s all highly configurable

Product functionality

  • Administers policies from inception to cancellation enabling straight through processing
  • Calculates, validates and posts everything automatically
  • Has a single page operation that reduce complexity for new users
  • Platform was built on the latest technologies that enables faster integration and future proofing for the fast-pasted world of technology.
  • Automatically updates across all devices from tables to smart phones
  • With real time data, failover and backups
  • The software platform is fully customizable
  • It is a comprehensive claims administration platform with up to five levels of approval
  • Generates claims across multiple benefits, calculating the total amounts, when to pay out.
  • Automated bank reconciliation at enterprise level
  • The platform communicates with all stakeholders on any event either via email, SMS, reporting, flat file or weblink
  • It keeps the end-user in the loop
  • OWLS™ has secure SSL encryption enabling the highest level of data security
  • Reporting is standard, custom and scheduled
  • Investment Management
  • Property Management

At the core

Straight through.

Full Policy / Claims administration from inception to pay out
Industry standard technology fully-featured and extendable.
Create intelligent processes at every step in the value chain and produce intelligent products in your market place

Future proof.

Keep pace with the major tech trends
Eliminate the stress of maintaining old systems by using management tools to ensure the latest applications are always within reach.
Constantly being upgraded and enhanced to ensure your business is on the forefront of innovation.


Be more productive at work without effort.
Technology that makes information systems more adaptive to humans to manage claims faster, better and with less errors.
Use automation to increase sufficiency, reduce costs and solve business problems.

Pre-configured products

OWLS™ offer off-the-self solutions that allow you to ‘plug and play’.

Pre-configured products for these insurance sectors:

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