Keep pace with the trends

Software that adapts to change, offering scalability with a robust insurance administrative system.

OWLS™ Software is a cloud-based solution insurance management and administrative technology used by Insurers, UMA’s and Re-insurers to administer and automate the various processes in the insurance lifecycle.

Operating internationally to provide software and support that enable policy-based corporates to remain relevant in the digital age.

Future proof

Future proof

Streamline the entire insurance value chain.

Intercept disruption by ensuring your systems can adapt to change. Automate and streamline your insurance system to increase speed, decrease errors and become more adaptable in the changing landscape of insurance.

Data integrity

Data integrity

Industry standard insurance software that’s fully featured and extendable.

OWLS™ hosted environment is enterprise level with 24/7 up-time and connectivity, secure with state-of-the-art hardware. Coupled with real-time fail-over and backups, scalability an extendibility.


Intuitive systems

Automate menial tasks to increase productivity.

Fully comprehensive hosted cloud-based insurance solution with no installation and easy setup. OWLS™ is a fully customizable platform that will match your existing workflow requirements without adding any processes.

Case Studies


“Manually generated policy schedules which took days, are now scheduled and worded in email, SMS and weblinks within seconds”


“A tedious manual process is now automated to calculate payout, validate premiums received and limits automatically with 100% accuracy.”


“Where we use to export data in pieces, one click reporting enables multiple data points in using real time data to generate reports in the format we desire.”

Document management.

“From messy complicated file systems, there is now a central location. Every file for a particular user is stored in one place”


“Commission process could take days and was prone to human error. Now the payments are automatically calculated, statements generated and sent to broker.”

3rd party integration.

“The bank reconciliation is automated, and all stop payments lead to notifications to necessary parties. Thus, not only speeding up the process, but making it more secure.”