Who we are and what we offer

Flash forward 10 years, to the here and now, where we have seen what works and what doesn’t. As insurance industry experts, we have amalgamated both data points and experience to achieve a platform offering that follows best-of-breed practices for any Insurer, UMA or Broker in the market.

Whether you want to accelerate your operational output, or better manage your customers and staff, our platform’s feature-rich offering will empower you to do so. We want you to experience our easy to use, secure web-based platform, with the ultimate goal of improving the back-end of your business.


It’s in the name

Derived from the Zulu term ‘Unga Wari’ meaning Don’t worry, the OWLS brand stands true to its name. A system more adaptive to humans, simplifying workflow with less effort.

Onga Wari being the holding company that preceded its creation.


Jonie Swanepoel

General manager

African Unity Life

“With good collaboration between us and the OWLS™ team we were able to achieve complete system deployment in 3 months.”

Neville du Piesane

Managing Director

Pinnafrica Insurance Underwriting Managers

“The impossible can always be broken down into possibilities.”

Mission statement

“We provide companies with the competitive edge insurance software with higher levels of efficiency and ease of use.”


Tavio Roxo


OWLS™ Software

“For every inefficient process you cut and each business process you improve, you are delivering customer satisfaction over time.”

Ryan Roxo

Chief Software Architect

OWLS™ Software

“Changeability and agility is key in a world where disruption is always lurking.”

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